RISE and Conquer Your

Time & Resources


Discover and Define what's truly important to you right now. 

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After a look at past patterns, it's time to establish future ones. Ones that will carry you through to your goals.


Learn how to make small changes for big results and get others on board.


Learn how to evaluate and strengthen your process so that you can continue growing after you leave class.

One of the biggest struggles of entrepreneurs is allocating their OWN resources, resources you already have, in the most productive & profitable way.


What we end up doing is wearing all the hats, not taking care of our physical health, and at the end of each year we keep thinking "next year I'll..."

  • ​be more profitable

  • make more money

  • catch up on all the projects

  • spend more time with my family

  • take care of my body

  • be less stressed

  • hire more help

  • and the list goes on...

***See below for details on this Faith-based workshop.

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What if, instead:​

You could look at the data of your business and life and make a REAL plan that fits into your business and your lifestyle to take control of the resources you have, including your most precious resource, YOUR TIME!

I created this workshop, especially for entrepreneurs of Faith, who want to honor the gifts God has given them and embrace those gifts with less overwhelm to set realistic goals based-on your actual data from your business and your life. 

Are you ready to RISE and take back control of your life?

Join me on Feb 11th @ 7pm CST 

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***Please note: some quotes and materials incorporated in this presentation are based on Christian beliefs. While we will not be sharing scriptures or praying together, there will be some references to God and the gifts He gives us. If this makes you uncomfortable, please stay-tuned as we will have other workshops offered that are not faith-based.


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Taught by Strategic Consultant and Creative Entrepreneur:

"My true desire, is to help individuals create strong habits, centered around their core beliefs and highest priorities, because I really believe that strong habits equal strong people. Strong people feed strong, value-driven businesses. Strong businesses feed strong families. And strong families mean strong communities. And strong communities change the world."

Carin Young

  • 1 day only

  • Feb 11th, 2021 @ 7pm

  • Workbook included

  • Live Q & A

  • Opportunity to provide feedback

  • Faith-based and Value-driven, Just like you.