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The How-To Guide: Self-Assess Your Business Is Here!

I imagined my first How-To post would be a simple, straight-forward concept. Maybe something a little misunderstood that would really benefit a wide-range of small business owners. But then...

COVID-19 (coronavirus) hit and the world got turned upside down. I've listened to client after client and friend after friend tell me about their struggles as they've had to pivot or in some cases close down completely. And amidst all these conversations was a gem! As I talked with my entrepreneur friends, who I consider to be so courageous in their efforts, it dawned on me that the one thing many of my friends are lacking is a solid process to self-assess.

Running an assessment is the first thing I do with every client I agree to take on. And while they may think I'm magic--I have literally been told that several times now--my power comes from 2 places. 1. My knowledge of business systems, options, and real-world knowledge of the inner-workings of businesses. 2. The data these businesses hold.

Small business owners are warriors! You are in the trenches each day fighting for your company's success and learning as you go. I LOVE IT! I believe, truly, that people learn by doing, by failing, by trying. I believe that communities are built by small business owners who care. And I believe there is power in some basic principles.



I took all these thoughts swirling in my head, put my process down on paper and started the camera (even though I hate the camera!). And through this Saturday, April 11th, there is special pricing available to you warriors! You small business heroes! You entrepreneurial superstars!

Watch the short video below to learn a bit about the course and then check out this link for more about what you'll learn and how this fast-paced mini-course will run over the next few weeks.

So, before I go, I tip my hat to you. You brave warrior of the small business world, wearing multiple hats "and taking names". This is for you.

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