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So Nice to Meet You!

I truly am, over-the-moon elated to be launching this new brand. The Protea Company has been born out of my love for my clients and the many problems and systems we have worked through, side-by-side.

One big concern of family and friends was that no one would know how to pronounce the name of this very special flower, so here is a link!

So, why a flower anyway? First, I am a nature lover! If I wasn't so passionate about what I am doing now, I would probably be a scientist in a hole somewhere studying birds or plants. There is something so calm and peaceful and yet stirring and exciting about being in nature. On top of all of that, nature--for all of its chaos--is perfectly organized, which is obviously a characteristic I'm drawn too!

The second, and probably most important reason for choosing that glorious little flower is what it stands for. The Protea symbolizes transformation, daring resourcefulness, courage and diversity. These characteristics describe what I want this company to be about. I have had the pleasure of serving many small business owners in my local area and each time I am reminded that running a business successfully is not about being the smartest or the the most skilled. Running a business takes grit and creativity. Small business owners tackle industries that are constantly changing and if you want to grow your business you have to expect constant change. It takes courage and creativity to face down so many obstacles.

So, this is our flower, our symbol and our reminder that when we walk into your home or office or hop on that video call, we are in this together. The process of transformation and change is inevitable and we find joy and excitement in being a part of that beautiful symphony where all the pieces are working together.

So here's to you! And the glorious journey before you.

Building, Dreaming, & Daring.

Carin xo

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