Meet Carin

Success in any endeavor takes equal parts grit and grace.


Founder & Thoughtful Leader with a Love for Creative Solutions and Community.

Carin is all about communities that matter and affecting positive change. For this reason, she's made it her mission to utilize her earnestly-developed talents to help affect positive change in the businesses and lives around her. And that is what Protea Co. is all about.

Carin has a passion for learning that showed up in her younger years as a dancer and a student. Now this passion has led her to discover and refine the systems that create effective change. These formulas for success are what she wants to share because she believes in being a conduit for positive transformation.

Protea Co. itself is named after the Protea flower, which represents transformation, daring resourcefulness, courage and diversity. Interested in becoming a part of the community? Sign up below or click on the Contact tab.